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I hereby authorize the BC Pension Corporation to deduct CPPR membership dues from each September pension payment. I consent to the disclosure of my Person ID (PID), title, name, date of birth, date of death, gender, and employer number between the BC Pension Corporation and the CPPR for the purposes of administering dues deductions and updating CPPR’s membership lists. I hereby consent to the disclosure of my name and Person ID by the CPPR to BC Pension Corporation for the purpose of administering dues deductions as described above. I understand my consent is valid until I revoke it or until the time of my passing. I also understand that the information is being collected, stored and accessed within Canada and that it will not be shared without my consent.

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If you chose "Full Membership", and entered a  Pension ID, and you decline automatic deductions, you will NOT receive a free year of membership, nor will your membership be valid until we have received your payment.
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