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Expense Reports

Submit your expense report using the form below

Expense Report

Use the form below to submit an Expense Report. A copy will be sent to you by email following your submission.

Expense Report

General Information

Desired Method of Interact eTransfer for reimbursement
Choose from the List Use the down arrow to display the choices and select the type of travel claimed on this expense report.
Please describe all the reasons for the expenses you are submitting. This box will expand as you type so you have plenty of room for your description.

Expense Items

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Meals Claimed


Accommodation Type
Period of Travel

Other Expenses

Enter the dollar amount above and be sure to provide receipts.

Receipts/Supporting Documentation

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

You can upload multiple files here up to a maximum total upload size of 134MB. It is recommended that you take pictures of, or scan your receipts and supporting documentation. You can transfer them from phone to computer by sending them as an email attachment. Save them to your computer and then click above to upload them to support this expense item. If you add another item, you will see the opportunity to add more files related to that item. Please note: If you do not upload your supporting documents, we will assume you are sending the hard copy to the office. There will be a delay in processing until we receive your package.

Line Item Total

Grand Total

The totals below are the grand total of all items in your list above.

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